Pompa wody tryskaczowa KSB CPKN SX
Pompa wody tryskaczowa KSB CPKN SX
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This list may be used to document the fire safety installations in the building. Let’s check what Fire Safety Installation do you need:

  1. Air Handling Systems
  2. Access panels through fire rated construction
  3. Emergency lifts
  4. Emergency lighting
  5. Emergency power supply
  6. Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  7. Exit Signage
  8. Fire control centres
  9. Fire curtains
  10. Fire dampers
  11. Fire detection/ Alarm system
  12. Fire doors
  13. Fire extinguishers
  14. Fire hose reels
  15. Fire hydrants
  16. Fire Mains
  17. Fire pumps
  18. Fire hydrant booster assembly
  19. Fire sprinklers
  20. Fire sprinkler booster assembly
  21. Fire shutters
  22. Fire windows
  23. Protection of penetrations through fire rated construction
  24. Smoke and heat venting systems
  25. Smoke exhaust system
  26. Smoke doorsets
  27. Solid core doors
  28. Special Automatic Suppression Systems (Gas, Powder etc.)
  29. Stairwell pressurisation systems
  30. Structural fire protection
  31. Systems required to have a fire resistance level
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